St Pauls Academy, Dundee Schools PPP

Dundee Schools PPP

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Welcome to Robertson Capital Projects

Robertson Capital Projects is a project management and investment company responsible for developing long-term partnerships providing public sector education, health, housing, social care and community-based infrastructure.

Since the late 1990s, the company has secured 22 projects with a total capital value of £2 billion. These projects have required the provision of long-term project finance, which has been delivered using highly innovative funding solutions. Historic activity has seen the development of 63 schools and 11 hospitals with over 42,000 pupils and over 1600 NHS patient beds respectively, while the company's current pipeline includes more than 50 projects with a value in excess of £500m.

The company's leadership role in the hub East Central Scotland territory (the largest single procurement awarded to the company) will see the delivery of primary care, education, housing and associated social infrastructure pipeline projects for numerous public sector clients over the next 20 years, using both capital and project finance funding.

In addition to the long-term investment opportunities created in hub ECS, the pipeline will also provide project management and recurring fee income for the company, alongside construction and facilities management opportunities for associated Robertson companies. The unique nature of the partnership also provides the opportunity to deliver Strategic Partnering Services covering public sector consultancy initiatives, such as feasibility studies, option appraisals, estate surveys and general procurement advice.

Robertson Capital Projects continues to be an active bidder in the wider UK private finance market, targeting future opportunities where the Group's multiple business streams can be successfully deployed.